The PTA Lunch program is one of our most successful fundraisers. The PTA serves hot and cold lunches provided by local vendors to students at Roberge and Woodside Elementary Schools and Holdrum Middle School.

Lunch Ordering Dates: You can order by week, month or cycle through Boonli.  You must order by Saturday at midnight for lunch the following week.

Cycle one opens August 26th (Sept-December)

Cycle Two opens December 17th (December- March)

Cycle Three opens March 13th (March-June)

Holdrum Lunch Schedule

  • Monday Sandwich Day (Dibari's)

  • Tuesday Pasta Day (Domani)

  • Wednesday Sushi day (Yuki)

  • Thursday Sndwich Day (Country Store)

  • Friday Pizza Day (Big Daddy's)

  • Ice Cream Day 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month

Roberge Lunch Schedule

  • Monday Bagel and Sushi and more (Country Store) (Yuki)

  • Tuesday chicken fingers (DiBari's) and Bagels (Country Store)

  • Wednesday Sandwich Day (Country Store)

  • Thursday Pizza Day (Big Daddy's)

  • Friday Pasta Day (Domani)

  • Ice Cream Day on Thursdays

Woodside Lunch Schedule

  • Monday Pizza day (Big Daddy's)

  • Tuesday Sandwich day (Country Store)

  • Wednesday Pasta Day (Domani)

  • Thursday Chicken Fingers (DiBari's) and Bagels (Country Store)

  • Friday Bagel, Sushi and More (Country Store) (Yuki)

  • Ice Cream on Fridays

PTA Lunch ordering Opens 8/27/18

PTA Lunch service begins 9/24/18

 PTA lunch can be ordered through  

  ***New accounts only will need a password. Please email to receive the password. 

Teachers: Did you know...

Teachers can order lunch through the PTA Lunch Ordering System too!  Just register and add yourself as the 'student'.